Why Diamonds and Butterflies


Well, both diamonds and butterflies only become beautiful and have the resilience to reach their full potential after they have been put through challenging experiences. Without these experiences, the diamond and the butterfly wouldn’t exist.

God created this process and His timing is perfect in each of these creations.

Let’s face it. A caterpillar isn’t really that appealing to look at – unless you like all things insect. While doing my research, however, I found that the process that they need to go through is both gruesome and fascinating. Doesn’t that describe life!

There are four stages to a butterfly’s life: egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly. The caterpillar needs to shed its skin about five times before it becomes a pupa. It’s only then does it hang upside down from a branch, spin a cocoon around itself and create a shiny chrysalis. There is a special hormone that prevents the metamorphosis process from happening at any other time of the cycle. If this hormone was activated at any other stage, the caterpillar would die. Amazing!

Another enzyme causes certain cells of the caterpillar to start digesting itself. Gross, I know. Other stem cells then turn into the parts of a butterfly that are needed, e.g., antennae, wings, legs, eyes and other features. This change all needs to happen, otherwise, the caterpillar or the butterfly will not fulfill its purpose and will prematurely die.

The next time you see a butterfly, think about this process and what it takes to become capable of flying.

Diamonds are just as interesting. They are formed deep underneath the earth’s crust (about 140 to 190 kilometres deep) under intense pressure (725,000 psi). It can be likened to having millions of five-centimetre thick cement slabs resting on your chest. Ouch!  The temperature must also be incredibly high to change the original mineral’s composition into a diamond.  It needs to be around 1204 degrees Celsius. It has been noted that the diamonds grow gradually, because they show complex patterns in their design.

Only when heat and pressure are applied to a diamond is change able to occur. Diamonds only remain stable when they are cold, whilst on the surface of the earth, as their structure remains constant. The speed at which they surface is also crucial. As they head to the surface, if the speed with which they arrive there and cool down is too fast or too slow, it increases the potential for them to turn into worthless graphite.

Another interesting fact is that diamonds are the hardest type of mineral according to the mineral hardness scale – the Mohs Scale. They are even harder than steel. Then, after they have been mined, the diamonds are washed, cut and polished – this is another time of reshaping so that they can serve their purpose.

See the resemblance? We are squashed by the weight of life, burnt by people and situations, yet we are resilient and can become beautiful.

Pressure and fire, trials and tribulations all have the potential to either destroy us or to crush all the unsavoury parts out of us to create a new and amazing being. It’s all about how we respond.

It’s up to each one of us to decide. Let’s walk together, you, me and God, to become …….. Diamonds and Butterflies.

Many blessings,